Thanks Giving

I just had Thanks Giving it was son good. I had mash potatoes ,Turkey, yams, greenbean casserole, roles, and chocolate cake for dessert. I had a great Thanks Giving i hope you had one. Well Happy Thanks Giving everyone see ya.


The Thanks Giving Football Game

I just was at the park playing football. We call it the Thanks Giving football game.It was fun I threw 7 touch downs. The final score was 84 to 21. My team won. Happy Thanks Giving.


Me and My Brother

My older brother just came to my house for Thanks Giving. I can’t wait for it. Have a happy Thanks Giving see ya.


Bolsa Chica Wetlands


My Week

This week I went bowling.I got 2 strikes and 14 spares.that was fun.Easter was great, I ate  a lot of candy.on Wednesday I am going bowling again with my aunt.I hope i do good, she was on a professional bowling team.Well the rest of the week I have nothing,bye




The Edison Game Tonight

Hi this is Cameron,

I am going to go to the Edison game tonight.

It is 100% rain at the game.Edison is going to win.



My Hat Being Signed By Pete Carroll

Last night I went to a Edison high school football game.Edison played Millikan, Edison won 52 to 14.Pete Carroll

This is Pete Carroll signing my hat.

This is Pete Carroll signing my hat.

was there he was looking for people to take up to his team,the USC Trojans.The person he was looking at was

Jordan Zumwalt, he is a middle line backer.That is the postion I played on my football team.My football team was the

JMM Chargers we were 8 and 3 that was are record are season is over now. I had a great season of football.


My Foot Ball Game Against Canyon Hills

Yesterday I had a football against the Canyon Hills Cougers.We won 26 to 14 I scored two touch downs.I scored one on a QB sneak. It was a 5 yard run.I scored the other one on a QB sweep right that was a 15 yard run.I had a long 15 yard run.Then I

had my last long run that was a 21 yard run .I had a good game. It was my last game and i was very sad abut that.



My Football Game At Sana Ana

I had a football game against the Sana Ana Monarchs.We beat them

24 to 6. I ran a touch down it was awesome.I had 77 rushing yards that day.

The team we played before was also the Monarchs but this team we beat them

24 to 0.the team we beat 24 to 0 I had 134 rushing yards and i also ran 2 TD’s.

My Dad  is going to put the videos online.


My Football Game

Yesterday I had a football game.I rushed for over 125 yards.I made two touch downs. We

won that game.Then I went to watch another football game.It was a lot of fun. I love football!!!